Leadership and The Generations, A Relay

Leadership and The Generations, A Relay

In the past year so there have been roughly 100 countries or so, and 7 regions that have held some kind of elections globally especially those affecting the high-ranking public offices. Some of which I was not even aware of until I looked up Wikipedia while thinking about the thoughts I present in this piece. Besides these countries more will soon have their own elections. And like some before, we will even hotly debate and obviously take sides.

In the last about a year, some of the elections that really caught the attention of digital media and their users, had me thinking and holding back having extensive opinions or any preference of persons of a presented list of options. It did dawn on me that our debates as the decision-makers have become so obvious as though scripted because they repeat themselves every new campaign and voting season. ​Above arguing about who’s going and coming it should pain people more that as a society, we have:

1. Conditioned ourselves to believe that there are no other better leaders and role models except those presented before us.

2. That when presented with alternatives, even when it’s clear they’ve been faithful with the little they had the best way they could, we quickly tear them down and say but ‘What track have you?’

3. That when people raise genuine, loyal, patriotic, conscious, or such concerns that make us uncomfortable and point to the things that need doing we crucify them and claim they are paid up propaganda.

4. When we circle back to the only “acceptable breeds” we have reduced ourselves to debating oh soo passionately about ‘who is the lesser evil that’s just how much we’ve fallen. We forget that almost none presented are a better solution. However the cultic like obsession imposed has blinded most from the other better options. In fact, even on media will suppress them give no audience or ear because their acknowledgment equals acknowledging that we may have failed, we need to change and save generations to come. But no. Familiar is comfortable even if it’s destructive. It can come in flowery names except it be the same.

5. When the debate climaxes at whose the lesser evil and “you are new and have no experience” we crown it with ” better the devil we know‘ then come in sometime later crying foul. And should I remind us that when things go wrong the tables are turned against you. They eat you and eat you whole.

6. We equally forget that politicians and those like them have mastered the art of weaponizing and playing on everyone’s emotions at their own expense. The day their interests align they will be friends. We effectively forget that they have “mastered the art of making selfish desires seem like national interests” (Dr.Thomas Sowell). And you will still be screaming ‘our person!’ It almost sounds like selling your birthright and still expecting a share of your inheritance. Remember the brothers Esau and Jacob? Am I saying it’s now hopeless? No. Go read the story. Instead of you setting the agenda because it’s what you need you let them set one because it’s what they want. It could never serve the public good.

7. We assume certain players of the society should not have a say in everything else but when they keep quiet we crucify them too. And for those we have entrusted to act as the official watchdogs need oversight and the oversight needs another oversight. What happened to integrity?

8. We also assume our personal values and faith practice should be left at the altar and used on certain days when convenient. Just so we can go out to live a double standard life and still question why the world is rotting away.

9. We rarely feel the need to be accountable and silence those that demand ​​ it. In fact, we think they are plain noisemakers and should mind their business like everyone else. Just staying comfortable in elitism and feel just because it doesn’t affect us directly it shouldn’t be our concern.

10. We actively fail to see the chains of slavery follow us everywhere just because the chains do not physically show we think they are not there.We’ve become good at perpetuating self-hate, copy-paste solutions with zero consideration.

11. We have not mastered the pride and honor of bequeathing responsibility to younger folks and retiring to the advisory council behind the scenes where we feel proud to have raised a generation who are doing it even better than we did because we invested and mentored them well.

12. We’ve allowed ourselves to be strung along and toyed with. We forget that these people we place in charge of anything in the public are accountable to us and so is their allegiance to us, the law that places them, the universe that pours into them, and the divine that sustains and gives them chances to redeem themselves. Hey we even go to religious and cultural authorities to make us certified and approved copies complete with the seal of the Divine.

Do you ever stop to build your own personal relationship with the Divine and ask if that’s the direction? Or we just move on same way we do when facing decisions that require genuine public participation? Or are we going to treat this the same way we treat other laws and assume its the responsibility of legal practitioners to know, understand and interpret ours is just to put in the stamp? Or dance to the tune of interpretation of our favorite politician or other leaders e.g. religious? Just because they say ‘Lord Lord‘ don’t be so gullible.

13. That the only people we have found worth quoting in every flowery speech have (although their spirits live on) their physical bodies have been long gone from this earth. For the bigger part their dreams still just that. Dreams. That those numbers have not increased. Not because the people do not exist but we just refuse to let them exist or document them. We have failed to pass on the button. It bleeds me when I see the entire world goes into shock and surprise when we see people who have for long been marginalized step up lead and do well yet these people exist! They are so many we have just not bothered to find them out except when it helps us paint a certain picture.

This, this is the tragedy of our society and the thorn on the flesh called leadership. Do not be deceived that this is a problem unique to a given continent. It is a global pandemic. This far you may be tempted to ask so after all this, what is the solution? For today, I am not here to give any real solutions but maybe to just share thoughts which are not new or unique to me either but hopefully they will make us see beyond our personal, prejudice for whatever reason in such a way your friend and neighbors suddenly look different to you just because they hold a varied political opinion.

You and I have this one thing. A Conscious and Creative mind. We could never run out of solutions. You know best what you should do even as you intentionally live peaceably with your family, friends and neighbors. And make the better choice. Raise people well. People you cannot wait to pass on the baton to because you just can’t wait to revel in the joy of seeing those you raised do well. For once, have a Parental heart. Build an environment and standard in which anyone after you would feel ashamed to leave it worse instead of better than they found it.

In a relay race, it’s not about the person that crosses the finish line but how the entire team ran and effectively passed on the baton where both the latter and former are proud of each other.

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