The Flow Of It – Life

The Flow Of It – Life

You know those places you visit for the first time and it turns out to be a place that makes you  really think through and see things around you? This piece was written in one of those places. Enjoy!


Sometimes, its just easier to go with the flow, like a  river through its course

As long as there is gravity, It will always flow.

Flow? Through what?

What’s  her path?

Rocks, mountains and valleys…

All just to get to  the main stream.

Yeah, that’s life!


Sometimes, its easier to wish the life of a bird

Yes especially an eagle or maybe a dove.

Like an eagle rise up high, sharp eye sight but what?

She has her own storms to rise above, goals to focus on and further ahead to see.

A dove? I think of Love.

Thinking of flying freely in a well matched pair but it ain’t always like that.

Even for the eagle, selection process is inevitable!


So, sometimes you become the river

Other times you become the bird

Other times you are the beautiful rainbow across the horizon.

Even then; there’s a light shower in your life.

They don’t see it because they are too busy seeing the 7 colors well arranged across the horizon of you.


Sometimes, it rains much and hard. The rainbow is hidden.

The sun is gone and they all shelter…and wish you were gone.

When the rainbow of you is out, you wish you never have to masquerade.

That you’ll be sunny and a few times cloudy but warm and hopefully?

Go with the flow!