The Cross +

The Cross +

They nailed Him! They nailed Him to the cross!

That shameful, cursed piece of wood. They nailed my Lord to it!

“Kill Him! Crucify Him! ” Oh, they cried! They chose the thief over my Lord!

He who made the lame leap for joy, the blind see, walked freely the waves Where are all those miracles now?

Wounded for my transgressions! Oh, shameful transgressions I cannot speak!

How? An innocent man He was! I cannot rejoice. No! I cannot be happy!

The guilt follows, the pain, I cannot bare.

The son of God hanging on a tree. That tree that even the Father couldn’t bare…

For three solid hours hiding His face… “Father why have you forsaken me? ”

Oh My Lord in distraught Even nature understood and covered face to respect it’s Master mourn seeing His son die.

That parable of the son murdered by servants came to be.

And just as the Jews,  a father deeply mourning the death of his son tears his clothes,

The curtain tore and the sun went.

“surely this was God’s son! “the man said but too late, too late!

Nailed to the cross, dead! They chose a thief over an innocent man.

The worst of crimes to Him done yet still, in His heart found a place to forgive.

In pain, God could have struck out but in love for the son let them go.


You see, before that crime of passion,

The man Jesus, son of God, spoke. Oh yes, He did!

He cried for the faithlessness of the people He cried over their hypocrisy.

They chose to believe what they wanted because it was comfortable.

Those that followed Him came because they could get something out.

Isn’t it what we do? Betrayed for 30 pieces of silver!

Neglected even by his own parents

Insulted by the people

Mocked! Abused! Whipped! Nailed! Dead!


He called them out to pray they slept!

He called him out for denial he rejected!

He warned them of betrayal they overlooked it!

His cousin doubted Him yet had seen God’s confirmation.

A dream to the wife of an official but ignored

Every point every Avenue of salvaging that precious life seemed blurred.

He was not accepted Home. Prophesies given were double.

Responsibility and choice we had

But still… Mocked! Abused! Accursed! Rejected! Betrayed! Nailed! Murdered!

We’ve chosen to glorify the betrayer’s act. Salvation’s plan we called it!

Given ransom for all men later written.

My Lord, He had to postpone His work to a later soon.

Gracious God, however, chose to lift His son. Gave Him victory and trampled death.

Why? Because that one wholehearted sacrifice and choose to forgive bought the deal.

Victory, spiritual victory here!

Death where are you now? You’ve been overcome. Death where is your sting? Conquered by the King!


Soon is now here.

The work must continue.

My Lord must finish that work.

But here’s the painful question He asked ‘when I return, will I still find faith?

Soon, we are here, are we a replica of the Jews 2000 year ago?

Looking to kill the Lord. Choosing our comfort grounds and rejecting every new truth?

The sun and moon must meet.

Marriage of the lamb must take place.

The work He left to complete must be completed.

The cross no more because that was done. Complete. Over!

But the work of the resurrection, work of the return, that must go on!

           29th March 2016 9am.