Welcome! Karibu!

Welcome! Karibu!

Holla!  Hello!  Habari!  Bonjour! Chao! Boni! Namaste! Annyeonghaseyo! Kon’ nichiwa! שלום! Chaírete! Nǐ hǎo! Zdravstvuyte!…………

All right! You get the point! insert sighs and a shy grin you know that monkey emoji that hides its eyes- yes that one Okay back to serious business.

As part of life, growth is inevitable, learning is continuous and sharing is definitely caring. A powerful experience I have come to have while maintaining the content on this blog, previously mwandishetravels.life, every time I hit Publish, that which might have felt like a heavy and maybe even very personal story or observation, poetry you know, all the stuff that’s on this site, they all ceased to be MwandiShe they become us – every reader. Our Story-Or maybe of someone you know. A relief, a great outlet. And when you read, shared, subscribed, commented and even wrote us I am always warmed at heart. Every time even gladder that through a simple piecing together of words in the only way I knew how at the time of posting, I was able to reach that one wonderful soul.

Special gratitude to those who have been sharing things with me. From random articles to stories, questions, both random and specific conversations, photos of places you have been or have taken, my here and there encounters and observations, all of which often spin into inspiring a post. You all have a special place in my heart. I can’t promise there’s gonna be Wi-Fi in there but hey roll it like the 70’s heart to heart, we connect.

This site is still at works (please MwandiShe over here is an armature at building websites apart from mwandishetravels.life which will no longer be available this will be the second site I have attempted although this time with abit of help here and there but hey!) I promise you can maneuver your way and yes all the content is there.

You know what to do. Subscribe! Share! Care!


Roads Less Travelled. Life’s Journey.

Love & Learn, Embrace, Value, Invest and Treasure every bit of it. LLEVIT!