Time Travel: Out of The Places We Have Walked

Time Travel: Out of The Places We Have Walked

You would be surprised where Inspiration to write some things come from. Me on Facebook minding my own business then this pops up from Women Working so here we are

The school

The train that day

That day you put your life on the line for ours sake.

Oh, and it wasn’t the first or last time you did so.

Just so you know we will never forget

Knowing not where you were headed

Except for the little quiet insistent voice in your head that kept leading your feet

And like a robot on autopilot you wentIf you made a wrong turn your feet suddenly refused to move forward so you turn for the other route at the crossroad

Two babes in tow, four lives at risk

Still, you soldiered to keep them safe

In a world that’s beautiful but filled with many cruel people making the loudest noise.


A place unknown, among strangers, found a home

A Haven of safety.

 Isn’t it strange that sometimes strange people are quick to offer help

 Yet those who should know you are busy trying to bid your soul to the highest bidder

What for? Power? Position? Cover tracks? Or you just don’t look like you belong.

I might never know


Or that time you crossed that line

Making the tough decision to leave your clueless but very alert babes in the hands of a sister

The gamble for their freedom and exchange for their lives

Maybe you’ll hold them again and maybe never


Or when one of those babes had to be left somewhere because you know education is important even though the separation cut you all deep

You see to a child it really doesn’t matter what’s materially there except for the security of a whole complete and loving family. That will always be home.

No. Don’t ask me why it’s hard to leave for long. You don’t have the slightest idea what one of those leavings nearly did to me.

That I  am alive to tell the story now, reach out for the next little one because to them wherever family is that is home.

And an intact one can for all it’s worth replace whatever the hell it is But choices and tough ones have to be made right?


Ah, let’s see where our walk takes us to…That place.

That place in____where they literally made us feel like refugees in our own country own Continent.

Yes, that did cut you deep. You and your fellow sisters at heart.

Nope. I am not about to forget.

Even the Exodus had to be recorded with special and strict instructions to be retold to every generation least they forget where they were brought from.

But for now no. I’m not going there


Either way, it’s led me to school so there we are. 

You are the famous momma, with the best African regalia and whom the Deputy School head discovered she could bring her french to. I mean skills should not go to waste right?

Never missing a meeting

The one everyone is literally excited to see and why I don’t know

I should mention they even looked forward to being introduced so that they are known as friends with her child let’s emphasize good and ‘safe’ friends’

Yes, we saw right through some of those intros laughed our way out of the trap. Yes, you taught me that. 


Some days you walked some of those long paths

Meditating, praying for us and our future is – you know those who will join us

With you, you would insist to bring a hot meal shareable with friends

The rest would admire in longing but I would be more concerned that you had to do that

Oh, but a boost it was.

This way I cared for nothing and no one else but school and family.

I had my price set and all others to forsake.


Our walks, our walks led us through paths of faith

The kind that’s broken, shaken, thrown in the furnace, cooled down, separated, molded back to the furnace, melted cooled and still asking when you will be set aside because the porter is finally done and other times saying whatever shall be shall be.


Some of those journeys took us to the market learning to buy things

Or asking me to be more chick 🙂

Others down by a riverside and yes I sort of learned how to survive near one by your stories

Because in birth your home were big rivers

Great ones that can sail and dock more than simple canoes and boats but ferries too!


Some of those journeys had us met in dreams.

Dreams we’d wake from share and decipher the hard ones left to prayer.

Some of those dreams were even shared similarity

And now that most of what I have I can sometimes be able to share with you in them I still feel blessed.


Some of those walks led us to quake our feet into dancing sometimes singing with one of us tuneless occasionally 🙂  and the other has the tune and maybe half the lyrics and on a lucky day all the lyrics


Then on the very last walk, I found myself singing

Two songs about love. God’s love for you and one of victory

Both songs chasing after each other in my head along with a prayer but I sang anyway instinctively and literally feeling something shutter inside of me.

There. No struggle, no heave, nothing. I knew without a doubt there was only one prayer left to make and maybe, just maybe that wouldn’t be your last stop.

False alarm. . .I mean we’ve still got places to walk and journey! 


And so one day I stood right there

Where we once walked several times before

I looked behind me because I was curious as to why the Tout was being very careful in directing how people alighted the bus

Then I saw them

Two women. One clearly a younger stronger version of the other. 

Destination very clear

As the younger woman guided the elder one to their destination time froze for me

For a second it wasn’t them anymore.


It was me and you

And maybe other times the 3 of us or 4

It was you and me going through the motions again

As I shut my eyes in a silent prayer for them that they will get through this.

They will be strong they will get a miracle, not like the last I got but more time painless time

Again the kindness of a stranger in the form of a Tout helping a sick mother and her daughter safely disembark.

While the rest of the world was rushing to their business that morning..

His face stuck to me.

But my frozen soul rooted In place

Relieving painful memories

Shaken to the core

Debating whether to keep standing and cry, go back home get the business done on-call or proceed to with my day.

His kindness gave me hope.


Would I want to take a step back in time and take a walk with my mother one more time? 

Yes. Just like that song dance with my father again special to those whose fathers are not here

I would like to. Mine now because In my daughter’s eyes and the supermarket flowers

Walkthrough the special and beautiful times to come.

 To remind ourselves of the exodus so that the little ones to come will always know where we came from.


So, for the places, we have been

Only time and maybe books will tell

For there are times, I don’t even have to close my eyes to access the clearest of memories for they just flash before mine eyes 

And most times, all you can do is give gratitude because you were there in the walk

Now you live. Live to tell. Tell those that matter and those that will make it so.