Live It Day At a Time Just Do It

WhenFear and doubt grips you

Pain sliced open right through you

Uncertainty larks around

Your faith tested through and through

Nights become long

Dreams and sleep restless

Maybe you are depressed too but it has a funny way of showing itself at least you do recognize it and know how to deal with it-maybe

Nothing is speaking through to you

Yet you still must stand up tall and straight for all, because that’s all you’ve known and must be – said who again?


The world within you feels like it’s crumbling down

And no it’s got nothing to do with the world outside

The world outside always has something crazy going on also if you look well something beautiful will blossom

But, you don’t know who or what to trust

You’ve been on the rough pathway too long and no you are not growing accustomed to it-Just don’t

The world is always saying ‘reach out’ but you’ve got no strength left to even lift a finger, let alone your head or voice that’s grown hoarse because your soul has cried so much the tears dried within so the only choice is to plaster something that might look like a smile because yes we need to attract something right?

Let’s not even talk about the fact that you don’t even know what or how you feel

You’re so bartered you don’t even know where to turn

When life hasn’t turned out as you hoped

And maybe even the promises faded

You know the thing about promises and the four parties? Promisor, Promisee, Promise, and Witness? 

That part where you don’t know who missed which part and why it’s not happening or didn’t?

When all these happen

You’ve only got a day to live

Just ONE day.

You must survive

Not just survive you need to thrive

Do it. Do it a day at a time that’s all you’ve got so live it

Live it like it might be your last 

Enjoy it and count every little blessing

Then should you get to the next day? Do it all over again. Live it.

Live it like it was meant to be

Live it for your maker

Live it for your purpose

Live it for you

And when everything else it hard just live it

And as you live it, just be.

Be the guard over your peace

Be the guard over your heart and soul

Be the guard over your faith

Be true to yourself and your nature

Allow not others to alter you too much unless it’s for an agreed better

Know that,

It’s okay to be you

It’s okay to be down

It’s okay to be up

But not okay to stay down

It’s okay to desire good

It’s okay that you are different because all are unique

Then notice

Take notice of everything around you

Discern everything and everyone there is 

Make the necessary changes if you have to

Notice nature and just how beautiful it can be get lost in it,

Notice that you too need the same life, love, prayer and care you keep giving everyone else even in the quiet give it to yourself too

Learn to

Be you

Be kind

Dream high

Stay humble

Learn more

Build your faith

Say no, say yes

Say thank you

Accept assistance, give it too and quietly so

Cherish the most important things in life

Never to take advantage of people

When to make the sacrifice

To listen to your gut

Power of silence when is needed

The power of your word where needed

Never to watch injustice pass by because it’s not at your door

Never to play with people’s feelings or emotions

Never to make small or big deal of everything

That you too could be the villain in another’s story

That you do not mean the same to everyone and neither do they to you

Learn to apologize

Learn to communicate

Learn to trust but be cautious

Learn to be vulnerable on occasions it’s a special strength very underestimated

Learn to empathize more than sympathize

 Appreciate yourself but not think too highly of yourself

Learn to be easy but hard on yourself

Learn to take care of your health and self

Learn to be honest

Learn when to stay when to walk away

Learn to be trustworthy

Learn not to reach out only for your convenience

Learn to hear when others need you

Learn to uphold people in prayer and kind thoughts even when they don’t know it

Learn to be open

Learn to read wide learn to also have deep conversations

Learn to enjoy music, a good book or a good recipe, dance and good laughter even on your own

Learn to never compare yourself.

Learn to celebrate you.

Sense when they no longer need you

Learn to see the red flags and blind spots

Learn to be genuine and know how to interact with everyone

Learn to be content with what you have but to reach out to what’s right

Be comfortable in your own and other company especially own

Learn to project the beauty you’d like to see

Expect absolutely nothing from anyone or thing 

This way, you appreciate the good when it comes, remain unfazed from the bad importantly learn from it all

Life is a journey of continuous learning and growth but it happens a day at a time.

In your weakness may He be your strength

In your lowest may you glimpse the highest point  of grace and joy you can ever reach and go for it

 In your joys may you find great song and dance and remember your source of strength

In both may you write Psalms of praise

May you leave a beautiful mark that will be remembered for many generations to come