MwandiSheTravelsLife and The 27th Route

MwandiSheTravelsLife and The 27th Route

During the month of September, I ran a series on Facebook under the title #MwandiSheTravelsLife and The 27th Route. For 27 days I picked random at the top of the head lessons I learned through life, my way of looking back and counting my blessings. Considering we learn and re-learn something every day, 27 barely begin to scratch the surface.

Below, I am sharing the 27 lessons and thoughts. Each will have a hyperlink where if you would like to read more on the thought, you would be more than welcome to explore.

1. Life is a Road Trip. Who and what are you bringing with you?

2. Faith is part of the journey. Who, What, and Why do you choose to believe?

3. Gratitude is part of the fragrance. How often will you apply?

4. Plans and maps are not always solid. Do you turn or keep going?

5. Family is gold and diamond Sometimes is mad but all is precious. Treasure one you have, refuse to be blinded by its love. Make the best possible choice and be the best possible partner for the one you will build. But importantly, center the prayer for it’s the foundation of the Divine & your character that will keep you held.

6. People will come and go. Learn to know who will go and when to let go. Limit your expectations. You don’t exactly have ‘friends’. Whichever way commit them and yourself in prayer always.

7. Death isn’t an end. It’s a beginning and when a loved one exits this way, keep celebrating them. Feel them for they are always with you. In fact closer than you ever knew. If anything, life continues with them in it a new. And no, I’m no orphan it’s a tag I, not in denial but conscious learning & in new discovery refuse.

8. There’s a truth and lesson in everything. Learn it.

9. Nothing ever just happens. Find the reason or be content in the unveiling.

10. Some people will always want to ride on your kindness, in fact, demand of it but return you no courtesy. You will be guilted for both knowing your worth and choosing differently. Either, make the best choice possible.

11. Do you often feel like you are everyone’s 911? Normalize being kind to yourself too. Even ambulances get serviced. Your spiritual, emotional, psychological health is just as important as any other. Protect it.

12. Sometimes it will seem like everyone’s headed somewhere but yourself. You have no idea which direction to turn or what you need. Hints: Maybe neither do they and that’s okay too. Look up. Grace is sufficient.

13. Vibe sensed vibe returned? Just be you. You are better being you. Even when you are treated poorly, treat them well. But if you can’t manage, walk away and let it be. 

14. Your path is seemingly even narrower and lonelier approaching the bend? Hah! That’s kinda how bends are. So, you have to slow down then slowly negotiate. Once you pass that bend, there will be even greater momentum for the path ahead. 

15 . When all are gone and you feel even more alone, count your blessings then rejoice. For when you rise, no one will say were it not for them… All glory will be due to your eternal audience of one and the company of the one who deserves it. 

16. You are growing. Even in faith, in character, you are not as perfect as they all think. So no, don’t impress but press on daily. Be better for you. For the next person, for God.

17. There’s no such thing as an absolute mark of success, modernization, or progression. Everyone determines that on their own. Your Maker can only approve or disapprove but I can promise you your conscious knows.

18. Following your dream in the earlier years might not always be an easy task. You will easily come across as foolish and visionless I.e shortsighted. Listen and learn but anytime you let other forces choose what should not be for you, you will always feel live life feeling like a fraud. 

19. If you are a dreamer, sees visions often maybe even an ’empath’ to a certain extent,  those unexplainable things and vibes you get; don’t dismiss them without review. In fact, dig and pray about them. Equally only reveal them in wisdom. Very few have the grace, patience, and understanding of it.

20. You are unique.  Gift the world with it. But do so in wisdom, not timidity. Know the difference.

21. Material things even so-called academic papers have a limit right up to where men place its value. If anything there are good but not important. Your job replaces you the moment you leave or exit the world. Your family treasures and celebrates you ensuring your footprints transcends the time you had. And your value in your Maker’s eyes, can never be evaluated. Place & balance your priorities well.

22. The value of human life, heart, soul, spirit is immeasurable. Never play with it. Clear your intentions. You will be even more honored. How you make people feel can never be forgotten.

23. When you are called to serve and especially in public spaces give your very best. Remember you are dealing with human beings. Complex as we all are, we all have a soul, emotions, heart spirit. Honor them. Honor their Creator, their universe. Do it but not for show however because it’s who you are. Service to humanity is service to God & the universe.

24. Your thoughts, are powerful. Guard them. The rest of Creation and the universe has ears. You, may engage them.

25. Communication is important. Keep them going, frequently, in a timely manner, honestly and openly. Don’t burn bridges either ofcoz unless you sure must. Remember where you come from always. Finally don’t reduce communication to ‘lols’ and emojis. You were not meant to be a robot.

26. What’s yours is and will be. Just don’t covet. We’ve earned nothing we have. Humility and gratitude is all we can ever display. 

27. Sometimes the wait is long. Patience is a virtue. And there’s a thin line between ‘moving on’ and lacking faith. Hints Sarah & Abraham.