To Those We Love but Go Ahead of Us

​There’s a peace that comes with knowing someone won’t be in any physical pain anymore and it’s eternal…

But, there’s a shock that dawns the realization it won’t be the same again

Then there’s the pain that shows you the things that you wish you’d all be there for in the future

The Truth that that’s not always a possibility

The Gratitude that they’ve lived and you are a testament to their sincerity, faith & love.

Then comes the un-learning, re-learning this is a birth. A right of passage. A reception into your Maker’s. To dust…

If you are lucky you will learn deeper and experience other things you did not know before.

A moment of reckoning. The realization that certain moments will be taken alone.

The handing over of all you ever thought and know you have

The hope that those that remain will actually do better

The surrender whether or not you are ready 

The reminder that this is life and we must live it. 

To be true to our Identity. Genuine in Love and Service. And Filial to our God. 

It’s the journeys we must take.

The price we must pay.

A life we should live

A love we should both leave and carry with us when we leave

So now, whenever I cry thinking of all of the ones I love and appreciate that have taken the higher route; it’s not in despair that I do, but in immense gratitude that of the billions of people, I got to experience you.

Background Image credit Messala Ciullas

Originally, for Mrs. Margaret Nyaingo and every single person, I Love and Appreciate So deeply.
And to all the Margaret (s) in my life, who have been true to their name. Thank you!

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Everyone’s journey is unique. It might be or sound similar. You probably even identify with the other. The truth remains that it's only you and your maker on that specific road. You all feel it but will do so and work around it differently. The rest can only make it feel bearable, impossible or more enjoyable! However, how you go through it, is yours alone. Sharing your journey could lighten it depending on whose on the receiving end. Other times, it encourages others on similar journeys, bring you in the face of cruel fire and importantly might make you look back and appreciate how far you came and renew your determination to be better and go further for more than just yourself. Your future and the universe is counting on it. Love & Learn, Embrace, Value, Invest and Treasure every bit of it. LLEVIT! #MwandiSheTravels, Roads Less Traveled.

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